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Saturday, November 10, 2012

A week in the life...

What a week it's been!
First, the election.
I know God's in control and this is all part of His great plan.
It still saddens me to see our country in such a moral decline.
Then... the car caught on fire while McGyver was out of town.
It was an electrical issue and fortunately I was able to keep calm and take care of most of the problem, still called 911 though.
Made pumpkin muffins to thank the firemen/women.
McGyver came home immediately after hearing about the car. He was in Colorado working on the Little Blue House. He got home Thursday morning, around 3am.
Friday morning, we woke up and he offered to go get coffee.
He came running back upstairs and said
"we've got a puppy!"
So I threw on my bathrobe & came down to find Miss Ruby giving birth to #2. Then #3. Then #4. Poor little doggie! Then #5!
3 boys and 2 girls.
So sweet!

Friday, our Ely friends came to visit and spend the night.
The 2 older girls were fighting for the State Championship (soccer) here in the desert.
It was our first cold night of the season, and it wasn't only cold, but windy too.


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  1. We enjoyed our trip. Too bad the girls lost at State...but just getting there made them winners in our book. Thanks again for having us.


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