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I love.... God, hubby, my posse of kids, wool, jelly beans, quilting, my Canon 50d, watermelon, fabric, Philadelphia Soft Pretzels, TastyCakes, my Bunco girls, laughing, my chickens, antique quilts, buttons, sewing, photography, freshly bathed babies, camping, the sound of snow falling at night, Fiestaware, Elm Creek Quilt books, and a whole lot more! I am a Pastor's wife,a homeschooling mom, a proud Navy mom, and am just downright busy!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One Fine Day

November 11, 2001, I took the kids to Mt.Charleston to enjoy some cooler weather. We had so much fun! We had a picnic and went on a hike. This is the day G-money discovered rock climbing!

I love going through old photos on Kodak.Com....

Today we have our first winter storm blowing through. It was in the low 60's, if that, windy and dark. Just beautiful! It's going down to the 40's tonight. Mr. D and the kids enjoyed a fire in the fireplace. Me, I enjoyed Crispydillas and wine at Coyote's w/ the girls. Too much fun. My belly hurts from laughing!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Flip! Flop!

This one I made in Oct. 2008 at the San Juan Quilt Camp. My mom bought the kit for me in Jan. 08. Very easy and simple, which I like.

Kristina quilted this free motion on her long arm! I absolutely love it! I feel like a real quilter when I see these.... of course, it's not me who quilted them, but... I can still feel like a real quilter! Just like the Velveteen Rabbit and Pinnochio, I AM REAL!

Swirly Swirls

This is called '31 Flavors'!

She actually got the quilt to lay flat! Not easy when it's one of mine!

She bought a swirly pantogram and used it on this batik!

Isn't this beautiful! I made the top over the course of 10 mos (June 08 - April 09) and my dearest friend, Kristina, quilted them for me on her long arm! She came into town, swooped this and another top up, and off she went into the 'Happy Ever After' of Ely, Nv.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I made this pretty quilt top at the retreat earlier this month. The pattern is slanted stars and it made w/ Christmas-y type fabric. Measures about 50 x 50. It's ok, I'm not nuts about it, BUT it's done. Just needs to be quilted!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Love Flowers

How can anyone, after examining a flower close up, tell me we come from chaos instead of a Creator?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

#1 below - Lynn.... she embroidered all the ladies and then attached vintage hankies as their skirts! Adorable!

#2 Leatha - hand painted the fabric herself and has worked on this top for a long time. She was working on it last Oct. at camp!

#3 Daisy - our little mascot!

#4 Barn through the trees

#5 On the Uncompaghre

Quilt Camp!

G-Money and the Doll

Friday, October 2, 2009

This is the quilt pattern I'll be making next weekend while at Quilt Camp outside of Montrose, Co. It's called Welcome Home by Alex Anderson.
I've had a stressful last few days and today is super busy. We have the sr high youth group Bible study here tonight, followed by a small surprise party for my big boy who turns 18 tomorrow. WOW! So in the midst of doing homeschool, I am also cooking for 20+ people, cleaning, and drinking coffee. I admit I am a little down in the dumps! Then I realized, one week from this morning, I'll be waking up in Montrose and it will be signifigantly cooler there! I smiled. Then I remembered, my dear friend Kristi will have my butt up at 6am to load up the car and head up the top to the camp. Then we'll have to set up the tables, etc... work like a dog for a few hours until she lets me sit down and quilt! I wasn't smiling long... but I know once we get past the set up it will be loads and loads of fun!
She might even let me take a nap!
God bless!