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Thursday, April 5, 2012


I feel like I never have time to post on here, or when I do... I don't remember anything that's going on!

If I work my way back, I might cover some ground.

We are on Spring Break this week. We started by having Hunk #4, who will now be referred to as Survivor Man, a belated bday. Do I need to say his bday is in October? Yikes. We needed to have it before we had Chicklet's slumber bday party. Survivor Man had about 6 friends over (all hand-picked by me ;) ) and they had a blast! S'mores over the firepit, sword fights on the trampoline, cake, candy, soda, icecream, just a sugarfest any way you look at it.

Chicklet's slumber bday party followed 2 nights later. She presented me with an invitation list of @ 20 people,,,, NONONO!
I again picked the sweetest ones off the list and proceeded to kick McGyver, Hunk #2 (Missions Boy), Hunk #3 (Guitar Boy), and Survivor Man out of the house for the night.  Pizza, soda, candy galore, goldfish, cake, icecream, candy, s'mores (but they never did get to them), french toast with fresh Queenie eggs and orange juice... it was fun!
I never had a slumber party when I was growing up. This was totally blessed... the girls were fun, kind, no one was left out. They were even asleep by 1am or so. Wow!

Missions Boy is now called Missions Boy because he was accepted into the Y.O.U.T.H.C.A.L.L. program at our church. It stands for Youth Out Using Their Hands For Christ In All Lands & Languages.  He will leave for Twin Peaks, Ca sometime late June/early July for 3 mos, then overseas for 6mos, then back to Twin Peaks for 1 mos or so. We don't know where he's going. He won't find out till @ 4 wks before he leaves. It's all a walk of faith. Not just for the kids, but the parents too, lol.  I am so excited for him! There are currently 9 others going from our church.  One is also a senior, the rest are between 18 - 30.  We are praying and thanking God for providing the approximately $7500 he will need!

Missions Boy will be graduating highschool on May 25th. Wow. Am I old enough to have 2 kids out of highschool?  I don't think so. My body says yes, my head says no.
Sailor Boy is off to Russia this summer for his 2nd block. I am very excited for him, but will be very happy when he is back on U.S. ground. Same for Missions Boy.

I had a revelation on January 1, 2012. Sailor Boy was still home on Christmas vacation.  We were talking about next year, and I realized, Missions Boy won't be here next Christmas. I had (and still have) no idea when my family will all be together again. Wow, that was hard to take. I got on the phone w/ Miss B and begged asked her to PLEASE take our family photos before Sailor Boy went back to school. God bless her, she did.

January 2, 2012
Chicklet, Survivor Man, Guitar Man, Missions Man, Sailor Boy, Me, McGyver

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