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Thursday, July 22, 2010

What do you know?

So, whatdoyaknow?

1st part of story...
It was about this time last summer that we started this particular remodeling job. Clean out loft, moves books & bookcases from dining room to loft, make dining room office, and paint & rearrange furniture for our room.  Our loft was to be our 'school' area and sewing/craft area.

One wall in our room has been painted - that's about it for our room.
We schooled upstairs for 1 week, too hot!
We sew upstairs in the loft sometimes, but mostly down in the kitchen.
I have come to the conclusion we have too much stuff. Do 'ya really think? Duh me!

2nd part of story...
We  purchased this really cool fabric cutting system, visions of cutting up all my old fabric, making quilt kits, selling them on eBay... buying new fabric, and complete the circle again.
The kids can help cut fabric, put together kits or quilt tops, help  manage 'inventory' and auctions, track our p & l, etc. What a good real-life lesson for homeschool kids!

3rd part of story...
Where the heck do we put this thing? It's not terribly big, but requires a good table @ 4' x 5'.  Storage for the dies is also required.
So what to do? Where to find this space in a house that is sinfully overflowing with stuff?
Why, rearrange some more!

So, I had a vision!
I packed up half the items in our china cabinet and planned on using the extra space for storing fabric & notions.
Mrs. L said 'we need to rearrange these items so they look nice.'  I said, 'come on over, sister, and help yourself.'
She did!
So we took another 20% of items out of the closet, and she arranged those left behind to make a nice presentation.

I love it!

Here are some pix of our finished shelves. Every shelf tells a story, as Mrs. L says....

I did a little more rearranging today, and hve 2 shelves devoted to fabric. We brought in a dresser and small bookcase to store the rest. It looks so nice in my dining room.
I'm happy.
One vision has come through for me!


  1. looks fabulous. why though...is your mystery quilt top lying underneath the seashells?? you were supposed to finish piecing it and send it to me to quilt! you are sooooo busted.

  2. No reason except it isn't finished and not ready for quilting! It'll come out when I am ready to get it finished!

  3. I wasn't even in the room. I was doing my part and chasing the baby! you will have to admit, though, it adds a 'flair' to the shelf though.


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