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Friday, May 7, 2010

happy birthday!

I flew back to Philadelphia last Saturday to visit my parents and spend my dad's 80th bday with him. You only turn 80 once you know. 30 twice, but 80 once.
They live about 10min from downtown Philadelphia, and their property is filled with wildlife. And then the animals. Deer, foxes, ground hogs, etc.

We went out to celebrate my dad's bday to the Tavern, a local favorite.
Here's Michael & Chrissie!

Here's me & my mom!

Happy Jack!

How old are you?

My dad. My dad is Jack. John D to his side of the family, but Jack to every one else. My dad is an attorney and is well known and respected in his field. My dad likes to paint, do crossword puzzles, read, cook, eat, and drink. Not necessarily in that order. My dad has been retired for 9 months and 8 days. My dad has a good sense of humor and a fierce temper. My dad has turned out to be a good caretaker. My dad (I now realize) is waaaaay patient and coulda been much worse w/ us kids. My dad is the oldest of 4. My dad has 5 kids... 3 here and 2 passed away. One he never got to know at all, he didn't make it past a few minutes after childbirth. My dad likes his quiet place at Conomo Point. My dad can eat a ton of biscuits and gravy, and bets on horses (a $1 a derby).
I've had worse
Enough is as good as a feast.
Get it? Got it? Good.
Carol, where's the scotch?


Went to lunch w/ my brother, went to lunch w/ great friend Donna, went to lunch w/ oldest friend Anita! (she's not old, just known her the longest, since we were babies!) We still pick up the conversations where we left off, and not much has changed. As crazy as we were, we still ended up w/ great hubbies and great kids. They don't need to know the rest!

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