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Friday, March 12, 2010

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Carol!

After a 2 week hiatus (or something like that) I am back to BLOGLAND!
Woo hoo! I know my big large following will be relieved.
Last night, a group of us took Ms. Leslie out to All Fired Up! She thought it was for Vanessa's bday,
It was a surprise Thank You Party for Ms. Leslie!
Ms. Leslie is a photographer, who is always gifting her time and talent to her long, long, long list of friends. She hates to charge them, and won't say no to anyone!
So her group got together and took her out for dinner, painting, and presented her w/ a 'thank you' to her fav. store, B&H Photo!
(Can't wait to borrow whatever lens she buys w/ the gift certificate!)
Look! She's speechless! It's a miracle!

Vanessa and Becky look on...

Who me?

Oh, the fun begins!

And while we were out, I was able to play w/ my new lens!

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  1. What fun!!

    Yes, your following is glad to have you blogging again! Missed you.


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