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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolutions, Schmezolutions!

Do you have any?
Here's my list for 2011...
-use my time better for God
-pray more for my kids
- lose weight
-eat 5 servings veggies every day
-be joyful in all that I do
-keep my list of 'to do's caught up
-be a better wife/mom
-handle money better
-keep my home life prioritized and in order
-not get behind in homeschool
-get up at 5:30 am everyday so I can have my 'quiet time' and get to the gym & back before kids get up for school and...
-go to gym 6 mornings a week

Doesn't seem to overwhelming, does it?
I'll be happy to narrow that down to one resolution!
Maybe I should take a poll?

Bucket List for 2011
(or things I'd like to do this year)

- start hiking more with my family
- get back east to see my family there
-get to NC to hang w/ Kim for 2 weeks (give or take)
-get to Reno/Minden to hang with Cindy for 2 weeks (give or take)
-get to Cracker Barrel w/ Tami at least 4 times
-Colorado quilt camp 
-Ely quilt camp
-Vegas quilt camp
-Beach/photography road trip w/ Becky & Leslie
- spend the summer somewhere cooler than the desert
-visit my Mid at the Academy
-advance in my quilting skills
-advance in photographic skills
-grow a better garden
(is this an extension of my resolution list?  I think I could write this list all day...)
So - what do you have planned for this year? How are we going to use your time better? How do you think I should use my time better? (be careful...;-))
Leave a comment and tell me what your goals are... I'll keep them in my prayers!

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