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Monday, November 16, 2009

Hi - Tech Rednecks

My friend Miss Leslie has dubbed my hubby a hi-tech redneck. I am attaching pictures to prove her point.

Our bedroom faces north and we have little light in the room during the winter. It also gets very cold in there. BITTER COLD.

Mr. D is going to install sky lights in our bedroom and bathroom in order to bring more light in there. He is comtemplating how to use solar power to heat our house. So today, because I was complaining how cold my hands were, he came up w/ a solution. Temporary solution. Temporary because our neighbors won't like it. Neither will the FAA. But it works. It's called 'Hi - Tech Redneck-ticity.'

Our room is so much lighter now, and actually @ 14' warmer than an hour ago. Of course, that was 57' then.

You will also see, from the pictures, I have not exaggerated the patchwork of paint on our wall. That's only 1 wall you see. We have it on 3. And how much nicer it looks w/ the sun shining in on it!


  1. Not sure what the panel is in the photo, but if it works, why not?? Also USDA Rural Development has grants for energy improvments for homeowners, low income and seniors. Or they did earlier this year. check it out.


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