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Monday, July 13, 2009

'Nuff of the Stuff!

I hate clutter! I can't stand it anymore. I feel like I am being swallowed up by it! What happened? When did it all happen?

We moved into our home on March 23, 2002. The pix I have after we moved in show a nice, orderly house. Beds were made, the furniture didn't take over the rooms. It was peaceful when you walked into the house. When did the piles start? It seems I am always hauling out bags of stuff to take to the thrift store. How do the piles get so big?
Kids get bigger. Their stuff gets bigger. Hobbies require more 'stuff'. Clothes never seem to put themselves away! Hubby has wonderful clients who like to clean out their house and give us their 'stuff'.
Well I have had enough. Enough of the 'stuff', enough of the clutter. I want to be organized! My God is not a god of chaos, He is the God of Order! His creation is orderly and in sync. I am part of His creation, I should be orderly and in sync.
We have this beautiful house that is not being used properly. I want my house to be a sanctuary, not a zoo. Here's what I propose to do.

I want to get my house into shape. I want the crap out of here and only have stuff in the house that we will use. I will rearrange furniture, get rid of stuff, paint (that's an extra fun), and breathe deeply when it's done. I want our children to grow up in peace and cleanliness. Not clutter. I look at their rooms and I see apples don't fall far from the tree.

I took some 'before' pix this afternoon. I am embarassed to post them. But think how proud I'll be when I post the 'after; pix.
I've posted a pix of the living room, 2 of the dining room (table & comp. pix) and 2 of my laundry room. I am going to post again and put up pix of my family room, kitchen area, bedroom, loft & bathroom.

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